Farmer Expert

The virtual farmer market of Farmer Expert is an e-commerce platform where farmers and customers can meet their demands for products directly.

About us

Farmer Expert provides a transparent, open and reliable space for all farmers and customers.

Online Market Platform to Help Farmers

Progress P4P procurement is Farmer Expert's flagship program. This e-commerce concept brings together farmers, buyers and other interested parties in one system. Through direct communication with farmers, the buyer gets access to a large number of quality products. Thus, medium and small farmers become more visible to new buyers.

Sustainable business model

Farmer Expert is based on the three-way handshake model mainly used by successful online businesses such as Airbnb, Uber and Alibaba.

Farmer Expert has taken a step that we believe will revolutionize the market for fruits and vegetables. Farmer Expert aims to provide new business opportunities and better quality of life for farmers and lowering costs of fresh produce for buyers.

Our Team


Social responsibility

Part of our profit is allocated to farmer's fund where any registered farmer can apply. In addition organic products are grown and given to children and their families by Farmer Expert.



Farmer Expert application from App Store and Google Play.